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Le Chiot D'or

Doggy Spa

Welcome to Le Chiot D'or, the golden pup dog grooming new to Le Peau D'or. We know your pet is just as important to you as your self-care wellness and we want to help. We would like to Welcome Anna to our team. Anna has a passion for animals, brining her 10 years of advanced grooming experience working with many types of breeds young and old along, anxious and difficult dogs, you can ensure your pup is in good hands. 

Nail Clip

We will be offering grooming services Monday, by appointment ONLY!

Using Rayna Natural Products which is scent free. Please see the list of dog friendly essential oils that can be added for $5. Also Available is Rayna natural dog flea and tick spray. 

Please see our services below. 

Dog Getting Groomed


Dog Blower

(Includes: wash, brush,dry, cut, nail trim and picture)

Toy (0-8 lbs)                                      $65+

Small (9-25 lbs)                                 $80+

Medium (26-45 lbs)                          $90+

Large (46-75 lbs)                               $115+

X-Large (76-100 lbs)                          $180+

Bath and Brush

(Includes: wash, brush and dry)

Toy                                    $40

Small                                 $50

Medium                            $70

Large                                $80

X-Large                            $110


Nail Trim                                    $16

Paw Perfection                          $22

(Inl. Pad trim, nail trim)

Ultimate Pawdicure                  $30

(Inl. Pad trim, nail trim, vegan polish)


Face Trim                                       $25

Poop Shoot                                   $20

Cucumber Melon Mask*              $20

Dog Friendly Essential Oil*          $5

De-Shedding*                               $25

Having a Bath
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